Monday, March 2, 2009

MJ's tail-lights

Hi John,

I read a comment asking about what taillights I will be using. As I like to be different, I have tried to make them different to any I have seen.......I do not like the screw holes in the plastic chrome surrounds, so George offered to turn up new alloy ones on the lathe. Also I will get him to weld the bolt threads to the back to do away with the holes for fitting.

Cheers, Matt.


John L said...

Tony Briton has written:-
This series on Matt's VII is a real eye opener. It has reconcreted my interests in a project. Has Racecraft or anyone else done similar things to a Nagari?

Anonymous said...

George May at Racecraft QLD has done quite a few Bolwells, with a few interstate customers, his own car is very similar to Mine, it still runs a forged alloy headed injected 347w and narrowed jag rear but with a supra 5 speed, the same coilover fabricated upper and lower arms.... most of which he did to his own car about 20 years ago..with many minor improvements over the years.. the 347 is fresh though... i have driven it by myself and can report that it is the scariest yet most exciting car i have ever driven..... My car is an example of Georges skill, talent and knowledge, and an idea of what can happen if you ask him to build it like it is his own!