Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unlikely contenders?

Not really.
Porsches do certainly have the numbers, along with a sprinkling of Skylines, Rotors,  Peranas and TR7V8s to form  the bulk of leaders in the Classic Targa. However, here are a few surprise packages (to me anyway).
This P76 went like hell and sounded fantastic. I'm sure it would give the GT Falcons, Mustangs and Falcon Sprints a good run for their money.
Same with this SD1, a similar but smaller V8.
This Starion (pretty rare these days - I wonder where they have all gone) was quick too.
And this little Fiat, did IT fly?
As for this Charade, it is a calculated giant killer and proven in Tasmania. It's run by a couple of mates of John Davies. They invested in a gun engine for this event but before it could realise its true potential it suffered mechanical failure and that was it.


jed262626 said...

I am not sure whether I had mentioned the short wheel base 2 door P76 that used to run up here at Mt Cotton. The owner was a bloke called Graeme Adair and he had made it our of 2 P76s - 1 with a front end smash and the other a rear ender. Carbon fibre bonnet. It was quite quick

David said...

No one has ever made better sounding V8 than the Leyland alloy motor.

degruch said...

The 'Fiat' looks like a Steyr-Puch 650, looking at the badge...Fiat body with a hot Haflinger flat twin in the bum.

Art said...

Good spotting there.
Steyr-Puch, a 1965 TR Europa variant, car 371 of David Currow / Colin Carati.
Indecently quick too!!

John L said...

Yes it is the Steyr-Puch Europa but it looks like a Fiat to me.

mike349 said...

Charade returned to the rally on hte friday morning. All fixed and going well. Shame too much time had been lost. Great roads in and around Adelaide and excellent event. A must for future years.

John L said...

Goodonya Mike A. It was flying on on stage 1 on Thursday. Loved it.