Sunday, September 11, 2011

B8/37 hits the road.

Just found a pile of old newspaper clippings. Here's the first couple. This was after Keith and Daryl finished their first Nagari. Both The News and The Advertiser published comprehensive road tests of this car but these were sweeteners when it first hit the road.


Anonymous said...

John, was B8/37 originally built with an auto as stated in the 2nd article, and we hardly think a 302 as being a huge V8!

Anonymous said...

It was built as an Auto and re 302 being a big motor take yourself back to 1970/71, Messenger Newspapers were near Smith Motors the Holden dealer selling 186 powered HG's and little V8's being the 253 and of course the "big" 308. Nearest Ford dealer was Maughan Thiem at Alberton and they were selling XW's and into XY's with the range of sixes and of course the "big" 302 and the huge 351. Not many company cars came equipped with any V8 although GMH had spiced up the market with the White Hot deals which were 253 Kingswoods so to a newspaper company specialising in local papers any V8 of 302 and 308 were big. For us petrolheads in the area we used to laugh at fathers who bought a 253 trying to impress sons and I had to work with wankers who thought their 186S GTS was a pony car. These people still thought that E-Type Jags could do 150 mph straight out of the box. To us a Chev smallblock in a GTS was the MINIMUM starting point and would expect fuellie heads and a Duntov cam, extractors and Edelbrock/Holley in quick succession. Remember you could walk into a Ford dealer and using the "Muscle Part Catalogue" equip a car ex dealer with better than GTHO performance but the general public new very little of this until the super car outcry some 2 years later.

John L said...

That's right. It wasn't until Garry Warren purchased it that it was changed to manual.