Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few more piccies from Sunday.

Triumph Herald convertibles. Where are they coming from? There were 3 that I saw, all red ones. This one with hippies on board, then there was one driven by a Salvo officer and the last one had, among others a ship's captain.
Now for a couple of Japs that you don't see too many of these days.
Haven't seen a Honda 1300 coupe in ages.
Or a 240C coupe for that matter.
A bit of American muscle, a Dodge Charger R/T. These and the Plymouths are cropping up everywhere.
The US will be fished out soon.
Now for a bit of Australiana.
Firstly a Star Model Mainline ute.
Plus the mighty XU1.
......and a good old Landau.
Not the real Elvis, at least I don't think. This one actually performed better. Goodonya Tony.
Now look what we found on the way home, parked in a Birdwood side street. Unrestored, original paint and still with the original 1958 number plate. Exactly the same colour scheme as our old one. If I'd won lotto I'd make them an offer.


David said...

How many of the Herald convertables are cut down sedans? A mate asked me to sell his restored Herald last night. All I could find for sale on the net for a price guide were cut down sedans.

Anonymous said...

Owned a Herald convertible in good nick as a Summer car back in the day and I can comment that they were a great little car but awfully slow. I also thought in Manufacturing the Herald the coupe roof was a bolt up deal and hence it was easy to convert to a convertible. In contrast to a "cut down" coupe the roof simply unbolted at the windscreen frame and the bottom of the C pillars. I was going to put a red motor into it but bought a red motored MGA instead and sold the Herald

John L said...

The convertibles were certainly around years ago, but there seems to be lots coming out of the woodwork so maybe some of them did start life as something else.

Art said...

A school mate had a Herald sedan, Howie Hewison's blue and white one. We took the roof off when summer got near and yes it did unbolt. I recall us cursing the damned thing when putting it back on the next year.Considering the weather in Woomera and the lack of any distance to drive, even a slow Herald was good fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Art, I remember having a drink at Spud's Roadhouse at Pimba and watching LHD C3 Corvettes with sidepipes blasting down the road heading to Woomera. When I used to live in Port Augusta and played mixed basketball the Yanks used to come down and play in our competition and even though it was a social match they went at it for real. This was when the bitumen ended 7 km from Port. Colin