Monday, September 5, 2011


Not much seems to be said about Keith Morrison's KM sports cars. I just noticed Mike McCarthy even left them out of the Australian Sports Cars and Specials publication. It must surely have been an oversight. Strewth, he built 27 KM200s and 8 KM300s. From time to time some of the older guys reminisce on the forum about Valentine's KM200/Ford that was pretty quick and ran at Amaroo and Oran Park and lo and behold Lynton H produced a photo of the car at practice at Amaroo on 1/8/1970.
I've heard that it's being restored in Queensland.
Also in Queensland is this road going one that there's been the odd magazine article about.
There's even a you tube video of it which you can find on the NSW BCCA website.
Here's an ad that used to appear in SCW in 1957/58.
KM300 tomorrow.


Ken said...

I restored the 1959 KM 200 simca special in 1988 for the Bicentenial historic races at oran park the body sat on a 1948 fiat 1500 chassis with simca aronde running gear,at the same time Max Stahl had the original KM300 body that was fitted to the Lotus 6 and was restoring it, I wonder wher that is

keith morrison said...

It is nice to see a car with my name on it. Makes me feel honored in some way!
Keith. Morrison.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a KM200, left to me by my recently passed father. He didn't get too far with the project. The car was used previously as an amateur race car. Had a 600cc singer engine in it, I believe. The singer engine was cactus, from memory, and Dad bought an early escort engine to squeeze in. It has a bonnet with bulges in it, which I have only seen the likes of in early Ferrari's. The KM is red. It's basically a rolling shell, which can be lifted off the frame, and some other bits and peices (basically a job lot). I don't have the time or rom to continue this project. Is there anyone out there that might be interested in purchasing this project?

Contact me by text msg if this interests you.
Regards, Jim