Wednesday, September 7, 2011

McArlus Cars - 30.

Since I bought the new trailer over 12 months ago, I have done a lot of detail work on it to make it more user friendly. I perhaps should do an update on what I have done, and what I should have done or anyone interested
I paid the rego renewal before I drove the car for the first time (though I did transport it around a few times), which is rather depressing., but one of the features of this trailer is that it allows me to load up and keep everything ready to hook up to the car in advance.
Here is the rig, loaded up ready for Winton this Friday and Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By chance anyone interested in making the trip give me a call first in case I end up back at home early!
Wish me luck!
When I saw this I immediately thought of this rig in New Mexico.


Buchanan Motor Company said...

I'm impressed you are using the Aston to tow the race car. Make sure the tow bar is secured to the front chassis rails of the V8, the boot floor cant take the load of dragging a trailer around.


John L said...

Remember Bruce Spicer towing the Latham Porsche to meetings with the Silver Shadow?