Friday, August 26, 2011

"wests car now west and not wests anymore."

From Stacey.

Just to let you all know Alan made it safely home to Donneybrook. Very nice 7 and Ian has already decided the things he wants to do to bring it to pristine (the car is already a very nice ).
Barry Chris and I with the Nagari and Hunter and Ross and Kay in the pimp wagon drove to Merridan to meet Ian. Lets face it, was a brilliant day for a drive! only 2 minor things went wrong- thermostat went and a brake wire came astray from the switch. Ian came home to the Preston river at its 100 year flood level also.
Attatched a few pic on the way.
stacey- pres of travel.
ps- I am not the only mad one- Ian slept in the 7 for 2 nights.....but it is bigger than the 4.

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John L said...

Ians Mk7 is now licensed. yippee!
guess who's driving around the south west now.
stacey- the pres in limbo