Monday, August 15, 2011


We've had the Morris Isis in India and the Hillman Hunter in Iran, this is a 1969 Premier Padmini, a product of India which continued relatively unchanged until 2000.


Anonymous said...

It is of course based on a Fiat 1100D although I think they used a Datsun A series engine (which in itself was a copy of the Morris engine.)

Art said...

It's amazing how these supposed "facts" keep getting regurgitated!
Try fitting ANYTHING from a Nissan A engine to a BMC A and you'll soon see the fallacy of that particular "fact".
I've owned & worked on both varieties and although the Nissan probably did derive from the BMC design, it is a better product in just about every respect.
Nothing interchanges, there are significant dimensional variations & different porting.
For example, when did you last see a BMC with 8 ports?