Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Butts and Butts.

That's a Kiwi talking about the shoe store chain.
This appeared on the cover of the latest WA Slipstream. They can't possibly be talking about the car. Must be  the ugly backsides of a couple of those blokes. Butt is an American word for bum and probably has come to our shores via the B-grade American TV programs on Foxtel. Similarly they call an arse an ass. By the way a fanny is not what it seems either. That also means bum over there. We have bum bags, they have fanny bags. So a kick up the fanny is not nearly as distressing as you might think.


Anonymous said...

You are very generous JL. I have always been astounded that people in the same car club could make derogatory remarks about other members cars. I think each of Mk4A. Mk4GT, Mk 4 B, Mk5, Mk7 and Kadala Mk 7 as differentiated by chassis floorpans and dash and even the Nagari Coupe & Roadster may be acquired tastes for different members. I absolutely know the Ikara and Mk 10 were poorly received by many members but again loved by others. As would perhaps be the various concoctions of scoops, spoilers, trim, colors, sunroofs, wheels and motors in Mk7's and Nagaris. But to put shit on any style of our supposedly beloved Marque of cars in a club newsletter is appalling. All these cars show a clear path of vision and development for Campbell Bolwell's cars and given his success as a manufacturer which no one else in the various clubs can claim except for maybe Norm perhaps a little solidarity would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that what personal opinion is all about?
There is snobbery in most clubs even ours.
However I believe the so called offending caption is just a shot at humour.

Anonymous said...

Quite right about snobbery in clubs.
A friend of mine joined the Z register of the Datsun CC a long time ago, and not only did the owners of non Zs turn their noses up at the Zs but 240 and 260 owners did the same to owners of 280s.

Go figure.

David said...

Snobbery exists in all clubs. Many, many years ago I had an EH ute when I met some EH car club members for the first time. They actually closely checked that my ute was definately an EH before they even wanted to talk to me. Now I'm in a restorers club with a highly modified EH which doesn't go down well with some members, but the "snobbery" is more light hearted p!ss taking from both sides.