Thursday, August 11, 2011


Meant to show you this one as well, parked at the Brooksfield drags.
And talking about Humpy Holdens and Brooksfield, remember this?
and this FJ?
a couple of rails.
a push back to the pits.
and out with the push car.


Art said...

Good to see those, JL - and the previous batch!
Outlaw was a favorite hangout back then, occasionally into Aunger.
Scary that I can remember that custom Holden, which memory tells me was actually a 48/215.

Anonymous said...

Some of the pics are taken from the Adelaide side of the strip and not the spectator area. Could the FC ute not be chasing its dragster down the track to recover it?
When Dave Gale crashed his rail his tow car, an XR GT literally flew down the strip and was almost at the crash site before the rail stopped moving. The wind coming off the gulf made the area the cars cleared the protection of the spectator mound very iffy at hi speed. Good memories of Brooksfield, single lane highway to and from was both fun and dangerous. Remember Tom Stranger's twin headlight early? With FB or Simca Vedette rear guards.
One of the pics is the Eller's rail but I cannot recognise the V8 rail he is off against. Many cars carried the Taperoo S/S logo as Hines was one of the key tuners of the day. Pity no pics of the Prentice and Elliott "Exterminator FJ" which ran 14.9 with a twin carb 3.25 bore grey motor at Mr Holden in Sydney back then. or the great Ken Virgin and his veedub.

Anonymous said...

BTW. The Custom FJ/FX is in the pits not the spectator area. The timing caravan was ex Vic Hot Rod Association and was also used at Castlereagh too. Dave Gale's rail in your first set of pics was The Baron and I think his matching metal-flake chartreuse 28 A hot rod was called the Baroness. Not sure but I think his rail incorporated bits of Hans Klemme's rail or maybe Bob Skoglund's rail. Could be wrong it was a bloody long time ago. I did not miss a single meet at Brooksfield. Pre Brutus Adrian Seaman ran a hot gunmetal grey S series Valiant with I think Herbert mags - Andy Kukeste (Andy Capp) painted it at his Custom City shop in Hawker Street Bowden. Top Eliminator was usually between John H Ellers team and Serge DeLuca, both 179 powered rails. I too went there on my way to Kapunda to see if I could see any remnants of the old strip but even using Google earth before hand I found zero. They also must have had only 1 record to play thru the PA system which from memory was a Shadows number - Telstar? Dunno but they played it over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys have thrown up some serious racers name but I havent heard anyone mention a guy who had the best looking full bodied rail...Jeff During he also ran a straight 8 Buick powered rail The Vulture,

Anonymous said...

Pity no pics of the Prentice and Elliott "Exterminator FJ" which ran 14.9 with a twin carb 3.25 bore grey motor at Mr Holden in Sydney back then.

My Dad is Graham Elliott, if u want pictures of the "Exterminator" i got lots here :D can email me at
Cheers Brad

kat said...

hey guys any one have any pictures of ken virgin's cars or any info on his racing from back them, hes my great grand father, would very much appreciate any info and pictures, please email me at

cougarland said...

Hi everyone IF you are atill out there after all this time[sure you are]Just stumbled over this posting and enjoyed the pics and the comments. I was the commentator at Brooksfield and were they not exciting times in the world of Drag Racing. About the music Telstar sorry about that but out of our control as the sound guy had to pay royalties on music played so it was his way or no way. The tune still runs thru my mind Thanks a lot for reviving it.Kind regards Terry O'Toole

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

check out Friends of brooksfield dragway on facebook