Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Club projects.

The Gawler Club for some time now have been having regular workshops in a shed out at Humbug Scrub. They're very popular and people have been learning all sorts of skills and trying out new products like this imported welder.
Well, thisTriumph Dolomite has been donated so the shed nights now have a purpose as the members restore it to completion.
The P76 Club built this barbecque, seen here at the Kernewek Cavalcade of Cars.
That's three 44 gallon drums this rig can cart around at once. That reminds me, they're organising  an Australia only car show at the Kapunda Show later in the year. We'll need to talk about that.
Bolwell groups are into work days too.Here's John H in action with the hair dryer.
He's good at that.

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember when the SA Bollie club used to buy huge drums of wine and bottle it for fund raising. Now how did that filling process go?
Oh yes, one fill for the bottle and one fill for me, one for the bottle and one for me, none for the bottle and two for me ooonnnneee fooor thhhe boooottlle zzzzzzzzzz.!