Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where is it now? No.1

I thought I'd do a weekly "Where Is It Now?". There are so many Bolwells that I've lost track of. Maybe it's the same for other people. Send me some photos if that's the case. I'm going to start with one for the Banana Benders as this picture was taken at a drag meeting in Queensland thirty or forty years ago maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hi John
Now this ios a great idea and will work along with that register of chassis. I can imagine some of the results will be mindblowing given the 30 oor forty years since photos were published.

Tony Briton

Anonymous said...

like the flares on flares

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, Gary Yates was the driver/owner of the car.

He lived at Strathpine, just north of Brisbane.

Last spoke to him in the early 1990's, he still had the car.

Jeff R

Anonymous said...

The car pictured was actually a circuit car, looks like Surfers Paradise raceway.

Have just been reliably informed that Alan Davidson was the driver of another Qld. Mk7 drag car, not this one though.

Jeff R

Colin said...

Allan Davidson's V8 Mk 7 was raced under the name "Voodoo" and was notable for the high mount of the 289 which placed the rocker covers level with the bonnet line ( cured by raising the rear of the bonnet) Multi-stripe paint job and was at most Qld drag meets in late 60's to mid 1970's. Often misidentified as a Nagari by scribes of the era.