Saturday, August 30, 2008

A black Mark 7 with wires.

Peter G just keeps on finding them. This time from a site called Performance Forums. Apart from the wire wheels it also features GTO nose vents and a windscreen with curved edges.

From the forum we are able to deduce that it belongs to a guy called Glen who lives in Brisbane and has owned it since 2000. Other features explained are that it has a fibreglass body, a steel backbone chassis, a Holden179 with a Yella Terra head and triple side draft Dellortos, a Celica 5-speed box, UC Torana front end, HQ discs, Jaguar walnut dash and instruments and cream leather interior.

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Anonymous said...

Prior to 2000 it was owned by a bloke in Burnie (Tas). The side window frames came from a Jaguar (Mk10?) and although they are flat glass he managed to get them to wind all the way down.
The windscreen is a standard Bolwell item with the corners ground. More than one screen came to grief in the process, I'm told, but it looks nice.