Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leyburn Historic Sprints

I watched and enjoyed the story on the Leyburn Sprints on the 7.30 Report last night and immediately thought "John Davies usually goes in that, I wonder if he did this year". A quick look on Flickr this morning and sure enough there he is, number 113. It's a great action shot and full credit to Simon who took it. John, the car is looking beautiful. I would love to see the old girl again. I'm planning on coming up for Woodford at Christmas time. Will you be around?


John L said...

I forgot to mention, I noticed on the 7.30 Report, in the background, the rather famous Centaur GT. There is a link with Centaur and the wide bodied Nagari which went close to becoming a "Centaur". There's a story to be told there too. I'm gradually working on it.

John L said...

John Davies tried to post a comment but it didn't come out for some reason. Anyway, this is what he said - Thanks for item. B8/26 does not look quite as good up close. More a 10 paces back to look good with the 1976? paint. I am also competing in Speed on Tweed Murwillumbah NSW on the 20-21st September. After that I plan to have the car soda blasted and repainted.
The Centaur-Waggott GT is driven by a friend of mine Brad Stratton (Group A Corolla fame) and owned by another friend Bevan Batham from Warwick Q. Bevan also has a Centaur clubman. Timmy Harlock the builder of the Cenrtaurs is also a friend.

John L said...

I must take back my comment on a Bolwell/Centaur link. The man who took the Nagari copy to the US had no link to Centaur but used the name for his car building exercise over there because he thought the name wasn't used in that country. However, checking the name in World car encyclopaedias reveals that there was at least one other American manufacturer apart from himself with that name and one in England as well.