Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mk.5 tail-lights - 2

Here's a better picture, courtesy of Henry via Pete G and Brian Simpson who built it. This car is now bright yellow and lives in South Australia. It featured on the club calendar 2 or 3 years ago. We still have some copies.


Colin said...

John, was the green Mk 5 built from scratch by the originasl guy in Vic or was it a rebuild?
was it a monocoque supported by a spaceframe<
Can you find out if the trim was ever brown?

John L said...

I talked to Bill Davidson, the current owner, this morning. The seats are black but may well have been brown as the carpets are brown (beige). It sounds like you remember this car from some time ago.

bolly 5 said...

John, with regards to the rear Bolwell badge, mine was fitted at the top right hand corner in the space between the bubble window and the fuel cap.
Was this badge standard for the Mk 5 and if so what was the original location it was meant to be fitted?

John L said...

I don't think Bolwells had gotten around to badges on the rear at the Mark 5 stage. Mine certainly didn't have one. On the front was the plastic shield badge, the only thing to identify it as a Bolwell. So, I guess owners put rear badges in whatever position they liked. There was a downside to not having a badge on the back. You were always pestered by people wanting to know what it was. Bear in mind when Mark 5s were hitting the road Bolwells were not a household name. I couldn't figure out why I was always getting pulled over by the cops even when I wasn't doing anything wrong. It dawned on me one day when I was stopped by a cop on a motorbike. I asked him what the matter was and he said there was nothing but I had a very nice car and he wondered what it was. I told him and as I realized that I was , as usual, late for where-ever I was going, also mentioned that nobody else but his lot had the right to stop people from going about their business for no particular reason. He was unperturbed by that and then said "I bet it's quick, what'll it do?". I was really pushing my luck when I said "60kmh around town and 110 on the open road". Actually it was in the days of MPH and I know that the speed limit in town was 35mph but I can't remember what the outside limits were now. He just said "smart-arse" and hopped back on his bike. It was about then that I rang Campbell and ordered a badge for the back.