Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bolwell racing drivers

This little email came from Gary Allen. That's Gary on the right.
Hi John. Love your blog. Some more drivers from my 1970 to 90 Auto Action collection - Ross Coleman, Barry Campbell, Barry Main, Ron McPherson, Doug Seath, Ross Richmond-Smith. Thanks to Pete G for shots of B8/57 in blue. I always wondered about the blue overspray on parts of the chassis. Regards to all. Gary Allen.
Well, Gary, now you're adding some drivers of Bolwells other than Nagaris. I hadn't managed to get around to them yet. In Mk.7s, how about Ken Stratton, Murray Willmott, Malcolm Haskett, John Szabo, Frank Rushton, Matt Pintar. The Mk.5 of Bruno Carosi. Mk.4s of Brian Whellan, Peter Mahoney,Ray Johnstone. Then there's Alan Newton, John White, Ken Messenger, Trevor Lambert in the SR6. What about all those West Aussies in the Round -The-Houses and John Davies in the Speed-On-Tweed. I bet we could find 20 more. Gary you might have started something here. I hope so.


John L said...

From Pete G has come a list of Bolwell drivers in WA compiled by Terry Walker in 2007 and published on the WA Sporting Car Club's website:-
Mk.7 Dick Murphy 1969-1971
John Glasson 1969-70 co-
driver w/DM
Noel Mitchell 1971 co-driver
Barry Coleman 1972-73
Lance Barrett 1972 co-driver
Brian Rhodes 1973-74
Ray Julien 1980

Nagari Rob Wilson 1983-85
Dennis Steele 1983 co-
driver w/RW
Ian Wookey 1985
Steve Pretzel 1985-87
John Hurney 1985 co-driver

I think you could add to that list
Barry Currie Mk.4A

murray W said...

Don't forget Ron McPherson from Victoria. I bought his white MK VII with those awesome mods to the wheel arches.