Sunday, October 9, 2011


At last there looks to be progress on the Special Interest Vehicle Registration System in South Australia.

From Matthew Leyson, Manager, Safer Vehicles & Technologies, Policy, Planning & Programs Division, Dept. for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, comes:-
"The internal submission with recommendations to amend the Historic Scheme and proposals for Special Interest Vehicles was recently approved by the Minister's office. Financial impacts and calculations have since been approved formally and Cabinet Submission is now in its final draft form. Other Government agencies currently have the opportunity to provide comment, prior to Cabinet considering the submission.

It is to be expected that the Cabinet Submission will be provided to Cabinet this month, if approved, the changes will come into effect in March 2012.

Unfortunately, as the proposal is now for Cabinet to review I am unable to comment on the specific changes proposed at this stage."

This appears to be great news and shows that they are well down the road with the process. Approvals still have to happen and nobody has any details at this stage so it's not yet time to ask any questions.

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