Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coffs Harbour

As you know this year the Australian round of the WRC happened to be around the Coffs Harbour area which was a good idea because it's pretty good rally country. Dick Willis is from up there and so is David Johnson who has sent down a few photos. As you would expect with large international events, there are usually a number of  other things that happen on the periphery. As a lead-up to the rally there was a gathering of interesting local cars in a car park and here's a few of them, a Lotus 7, Dodge special, MG single seater, Cooper Climax and a rare in Australia so far, Aero8.
Behind this 14hp Amilcar which is a big Amilcar, you'll see a brown EH which is Dave's son Nathan's pride and joy.
 You might remember a blog post where Nathan and David were savouring the very last opportunity to drive at Oran Park where they cranked the needle off the 120mph speedo on the straight.
Also at the Coffs Harbour gathering was the Buchanan bodied Gladiator of course.
This is the Gladiator back in the day.
The Whatmore Jaguar was there too.
and here is the same car at a recent Eastern Creek historic meeting.
and here's Charlie Whatmore in the car in its heyday.
It was Studebaker powered at the time.

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