Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vauxhalls at Birdwood

Never did get Vauxhalls out of my system. My old 1926 Vauxhall still exists and lives at Jamestown. It wasn't a fantastic 30/98 of course, but a 14/40 but it was pretty good nevertheless. Here's the 2 30/98s that made it to Birdwood.
When I left high school and started work at Chryslers I abandoned driving my mum's 1951 Velox tourer and dad's 1955 Velox sedan to get a Vauxhall of my own. Thomson Motors had this fabulous Velox Vagabond for sale for about 500 quid. I drew the money out of the bank in pound notes so that I could count it out to George Thomson. I've still got a photo of Jane with 500 screwed up pound notes in her lap, Anyway, there was a Vagabond at Birdwood. Here it is,

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