Sunday, October 3, 2010

A bit of Queensland news.

This came from John Davies after the Speed on Tweed.

Hello John,
Below is some info I posted on the Qld page of the NSW web site. Some photos are up at ian Welsh's web site -
John Davies
Well B8/26 went very well at this years Speed on Tweed.
I was 6th of 11 starters in my class and at 48.2s was well beaten by Ray Vandesees Skelta - 43.03s and Jon Siddons 240Z - 44.8s. I was close to a Porsche 911- 47.94s and a slick shod Triumph GT6 - 47.19s. 
But, I did beat a TR7 V8, 2 Ferrari 308s, a 240Z and a Subaru SVX. Not bad for a 40 year old car which I drove to and from the event.
I had a little trouble with boiling in the lunchtime and evening street parades. B8/26 has just been rewired and 1 of the 2 radiator fans was running backwards, so at slow speeds the hot engine air was being recirculated through the radiator causing the boiling.
I rearranged the errant fan wiring Sat morning and everything then worked well.
Now with a break from competition it is time to attend to the front suspension, trim and paint.
The refurbishing continues.
John Davies   
Anyone else got any photos?

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