Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tasmanian archives (3)

A couple more from Rob.....
This wasn't Rob's car but he did get to have a drive of it. Many years ago a mate had the job of respraying it. It then became a red car with gold wheels.
This is B8/67. Remember a number of people's outrage at the "high" price of $6,500 being asked for it in Melbourne in 1980? This photo was taken during Leigh Mundy's ownership. Leigh is in Hobart. Rob would have liked to buy it but couldn't afford the $14,000 asking price at the time and it was sold to a well heeled "Airforce Pilot in S.A." Well, Ross is certainly a pilot and may well have spent some time in S.A. The car did spend its early years in S.A. before Leigh's or Ross's ownerships. From start until now the owners have been Don, Dennis, Shirley, Kym, Colin, Shannon, Lynne, Carl, Leigh, Ross and Guy.

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Colin said...

I am fascinated. When Don owned the car as the first owner it was sky blue. When Shirl owned it Bob the painter painted it light metallic blue. I bought it off Kym as a stuffed hotrod in half primer and light metallic blue which he had painted in my garage - I know as he drove over my spray gun as he left and flattened it. I returned the motor to stock - I could not use it daily with an 850 Holley DP, Hi-rise manifold, stupidly wild solid cam and radical Boss heads and had Andy Kukeste of Trend Kustoms paint it 1968 Monaro Monza Blue metallic which is a far darker color than appears in these pics and it is currently. It still has the Magnum wheels in these pics as fitted by Kym. I think it had 4 severe as in huge accidents when Kym had it hence the battle damage evident and needing repair when I bought it in 1977. I left the Recaro seat and trim even though the headrest inserts in the tonneau did not work. My daughter (now 33 and with a 4 year old boy of her own) I brought home from hospital after she was born in this beast before I returned it to stock. Then I drove it with the wife and new child to Mt Barker in the middle of winter to say goodbye to my grandfather before he passed way. My relatives were shocked by my blatant disregard for my baby's well being. Yet tucked in a papoose under the tonneau behind the Recaros she was well protected. Bolwell cretins like me from the 1970's would well remember that scenario. I think I remember John taking a family of 4 out to the beach in an Ikara. Insane huh? A bit like Stacy's run to Perth in a Mk 4 including sleeping in it. I too slept in a Mk 7 in 1985 on a run to Melbourne from Adelaide. Before the RACV rescued me. Aided by the Vic Police Stock Rustling squad at 3 a.m South of Nhill.