Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eastern Creek pictorial

Rob Luck was busy with his camera at the Eastern Creek event back in August. Here's a random selection of his shots.
Interior, John Marr's Mark 7 sports.
Col Watson's Mark 4
Phil White's Nagari interior.
Under bonnet, John and Penny Hartney's Mark 7.
Phil's sports.
Hartneys' 7.
Dave Lewis driving Col's Nagari.
From the control tower.
Engine bay, Angelo Karageorgiou Mark 7.
The rest of Angelo's 7. This was once a Peter Marr car I think.
Gordon Ross' Nagari.
Ron McPherson Mk.7.
Red nose day.
Same cars different angle.
Vic Meyer's "7 with the Nagari doors", John Marr's 7 behind.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious - Col Watson's 4 is which variant? A much modified 4B?
Art C

John L said...