Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kapunda - week 12

The Kapunda Show was today. Here's the judges checking the wool clips and the best of the grain crops.
But I really like this picture.
Main reason is that I once had a jinker just like that. It was red and not all painted up so beautifully but it was pretty well identical even down to the model T wooden wheels and the extra long shafts. There was a good reason for them and one of the reasons my dad bought it in the first place. If you were breaking in a young horse to harness, it could kick as much as it liked without doing any harm to the front of the jinker.
I should have (but didn't) taken some photos of the ute muster. It seems that the serious ones had the biggest National and Bundy flags. I also noticed that part of the judging was the mike up the exhaust pipe, looking for the loudest growl.

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