Saturday, October 2, 2010

2010 President's Trophy Trial

The President's Trophy hasn't been run for a while but eventually another one was held last month and it was a great day, ending in Burra for lunch. Here are some excellent photos taken at the Williamstown checkpoint by Jane Gascoigne. In order of appearance..........
Bolwell Mark 7 - Ron Westren / Trevor Lambert.
Bolwell Mark 7 - Brian Deckert / Adam Lee.
Nissan powered Clubman - Tim Jolly / Kate Edmonds (This amazing car is not a kit clubman but built entirely from scratch by Tim.)
427 Cobra Replica - Peter Benger / Rosie Benger.
Bolwell Mark 7 - John Harrland / Rick Wallace.
Fiat 124 Spyder - Glenn Whitburn / John Wilmshurst.
Reliant Scimitar GTE - Glen Scholz / Dale McNeil.
Bolwell Mark 7 sports - Roger Trethewey / Lynne Trethewey.
Mazda MX5 - Robert Jacobs / Joanne Jacobs.
Bolwell Mark 7 - Peter Mac / Linda Lucas.
Bolwell Nagari sports - Scott Baxendale / Dean Baxendale.

In addition to the above, Jane Alcorn took her 240Z to Burra as did Jim White in his Nagari sports and Kym and Maria Burton in the BMW. Also there were control keepers Dean Malone, Barry Downie-Leslie, Chris Gascoigne, Jane Gascoigne, Colin Lucas and Sandy Lucas as well as course checkers Norm and Sarah Clements. Lunch was at an Indonesian Restaurant that only held about 22 people but right next door was a very nice pub where we had to go to select our wine bottles and a number of people had lunch there. The winner of the event will be announced at the meeting on Tuesday night. Even Norm only thinks he knows who won.

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