Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the winner is...........

I know you've been waiting to find out who won the President's Trophy. Well, without any further ado, congratulations to John Harrland and Rick Wallace for a fine win. Here's John receiving the trophy on Tuesday night.
Rick was away in Sydney and couldn't be there but it's half yours Rick. It was pretty tight, the V8 Mk.7 just edged out Tim and Kate in the Clubman by a mere 5 points with Peter and Linda a further 10 points away in 3rd in their 6 cylinder Mk.7.

The last little plate on the base is dated 1988 and bears the inscription "The Low Family", a team of 4. After that the trophy went off to have the broken wing of the German Silver eagle that sits on top repaired and no-one could remember where it was. Anyway, it's back and the wing is in fine shape. I know Roger and Lynne won it in about 2000 so their names will have to go on it. But I remember setting a trial the year before as well so we'll have to delve into the old Slipstreams for an update.

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