Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That's my kind of Mark 4

Beven's mate John sent this photo of his mate Nick's Mark 4 taken last October. It runs a 302 Ford with cast iron Celica box, Volvo brakes and is very well balanced.


Anonymous said...

Interesting car.
What does it have for a chassis and front and rear ends?
The sills look different and the front track looks pretty wide.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up! It's a very impressive car.

Colin said...

Is this the same car the moulds I bought came from? the bulge looks very similar. I thought the Tassie car has a 350 and 4 speed in it?

John L said...

Well it's certainly a Tassie car.

John L said...

Don't know much about the chassis except that it's very strong and quite wide. The body is widened as well.

nick said...

Hi, chassis is space frame with fully fabricated front and rear ends,accurate steering geometry.Runs a windsor small block and 5spd toyota box,spax adjustable coil-overs-volvo discs- fully road registered and complienced. I ran it at the last tassie bolwell easter meet.nick osborn- owner-builer, hobart