Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forgotten Hero

Well, in my humble opinion anyway.
We all know who this guy is, a legend in ProdSports.........
.......but do you know who this is?
The number 45 and Jolly Roger Marine on the boot lid tells us it's Ross Donnelly. He was a really quick aggressive driver yet these days you hardly hear of him. Before moving up to the Bolwell he ran an extremely fast E-type. The E-type got pranged I think, but it was fixed up and sold to Mike Finnis down here who worried the life out of Bernie with it before picking up the Latham Porsche. Anyway, the Bolwell was a beauty. Which one is it and where did it go?

Here's the two Rosses at the same corner at Amaroo.
And here's a couple more shots of the car for good measure.
And the red coupe again.


Anonymous said...

Pictires 1 & 4 are Ross Bond of course, did Ross Donnelly buy the Steve Webb B8/7, was the car in that configuration when Andrew Kluver got hold of it? I don't have much info about Ross Donnelly, did he only compete in NSW in 1979 - 80 ??
I'm still not convinced if the Red #31 car is Trevor Jones or Peter Warren - do you know for sure??
Gary Yates is listed as driving a Bolwell in the 1981 Aust Sports Car Champs. - SR6 ???

Questions answered with Questions.

John L said...

Maybe it is the Steve Webb car. Maybe it isn't. It just doesn't look right to me. Maybe it's Alan Edwards' car. Does anyone know where that went? It's probably too early in the piece to be a Fibrecar body. RD didn't race the Bolwell all that long, moving on to a Group N Mustang. When Trevor Jones' car appeared with flares, I don't think they went right around the wheels like that. I could be wrong of course. Didn't Gary Yates drive a Mark 7? Looking at the SR6 log book pages the only time it raced in NSW was at Warwick Farm when Alan Newton had it.

John L said...

Well, it turns out that the Donnelly car and the Webb car are one of the same thanks to some detective work by Pete who discovered a pair of doors with Ross Dollelly sign written across them in Andrew Kluver's garage.