Friday, March 4, 2011

Ikara Update

Hi Guys
See attached more photo’s and updates on Ikara #11. I have fabricated and fitted a reverse gear lock out which Peter Wherrett would have appreciated on his test drive of  the  proto type. From the photograph you can see two marks on the bracket for neutral position and then the bracket can be flipped over to allow engagement of reverse.
This allows positive engagement of all gears.
On the windscreen photograph you can see the blacked out  section 115mm wide across the bottom and a strip 25mm wide up  each side and across the top, this hides the uneven edges of the fibreglass frame and the dust which collects  across the bottom.
To make the car legal for registration I have installed an under dash 150watt ceramic fan heater demister, which works well in an enclosed body, but maybe not so well in a open top sports but it’s  there.
At this stage I’m still  waiting on the bonnet and nose cone from the spray painter to complete the vehicle.
Regards Kevin Ratsch  

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Rick said...

Congratulations Kevin, you legend! There aren't that many people in the world that have put an Ikara together. (I know I am a bit late responding to this article, but I only just found an email from last march with the NSW Slipstream... which led me to here).
In that Slipstream it says, "the car will shortly be going to Brisbane". Has that happened? Who owns it now?
Cheers, Rick