Sunday, June 13, 2010

What brand of steering wheel is this?

This is the steering wheel on my Falcon ute. Does anybody recognise it? It may well be a cheap aftermarket job but just in case it's not, I'd like to find out its make and model. The reason being I'd like to check if it has an ADR approval. Our local cop is running out of things to defect this very roadworthy ute for and has recently picked on the steering wheel.Maybe the non-standard VB gear knob will be next.


Anonymous said...


looks like a Personal brand to me, from the 80's if memory serves.

Of course, I could be completely wrong !


Jeff R

John L said...

Everywhere I have checked I haven't been able to find a Personal steering wheel with more than 3 spokes. Stacey suggested Auto Technica but I can't find an Auto Technica like this one. Dino reckons Saas like his Bolwell one which has an engineers certificate. Might be getting closer.

John L said...

Latest lot of emails are suggesting Momo. I'm tending to believe it.

Michael Pollard said...

How about this one momo steering wheels#

John L said...

That looks like the one doesn't it.