Saturday, June 26, 2010

A nice Mark 7 for sale

Bolwell Club members may remember Anne West, a Mark 7 owner who was involved with the club some years ago. Anne passed away in July last year. Part of her estate is her Mark 7, below. Anne's son, Marcus, and his sister would like to see the car go to "someone with the passion for the Bolwell marque."Marcus is in WA, but the car is in Victoria, on the Mornington Peninsula.
The car is a '69 model. It has a 186 in it with a Yella Terra head. It has a Torana front end and a Jag rear end. "The fast back has been modified to have a lift back in it. The auto electrics were redone a few years back by a qualified auto spark. The interior is OK, but could do with a little detailing."
More details are to follow but meanwhile expressions of interest will be forwarded to Marcus.


Anonymous said...

I bought my first Mk7 and the Bolwell bug, from Anne (and Jim?) West in about 1986. It was a partially built space frame and a body and a lot of dreams. I never finished it, but it is now the Chris Kay V8.
Bumped into her agin at a Domain Chandon Winery meet in the 1990's? where I'm sure I was told her car had a stainless steel chassis???
I still have a picture of Big F***ing Deal 341, with opening 1/4 vent windows, on my garage wall.

Unknown said...

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