Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More on chassis flex

Keith has directed me to this shot of Barry getting some last minute instructions from Norm Hamilton and points out that the back right hand corner of the bonnet is slightly raised anyway. Not as much as when it is under stress though.While looking at photos of the TruTrack Bolwell, here's one following an almighty lose at Baskerville......and here's one at AIR of Barry chasing Alan Edwards and followed by John Gourlay and Al Harris.And while we're on the subject of ProdSports Bolwells, remember last week I asked if the Barry Campbell Mark 7 was the old Matt Pintar one?Well, here is the Pintar car.


Anonymous said...

So John is it the former Matt Pintar car?

I have been told by Andy N that the Main Nagari body was Yellow when he bought it, It was Black then Blue when Main raced it, and appears to be a Metallic Green when it was raced by Warren in NSW. Can you recall it being raced painted Yellow.


John L said...

Looks like the Pintar car.

I've never seen it raced as a yellow car. The body is yellow now of course.........and recently sold I hear.