Thursday, June 3, 2010

A red Milano

The HSCC International Trophy took place at Silverstone last weekend. Mike Eagles, in his Milano GT Mk.1 came a creditable 8th in the Historic Road Sports Championship event.A Morgan Plus 8 was first, a Ginetta G4 was second and a TVR Griffith was third. At least one Milano in Europe has found a category somehow or other. The Historic Road Sports Championship is open to genuine production sports and GT cars built and road registered between 1947 and the end of 1969 and as a model have a competition history during that period. Some slight modifications are permitted, but the car has to remain road legal and extra points are awarded for competitors who drive their car to and from the circuit.
While on the subject of Milanos, Peter Goers has had a bit of a biff at Collingrove in the Zephyr powered one. A victim of a jammed open throttle, he cleaned up the armco. Philosophically, he reckons it was just as well he hit it because if he missed it he would have flown over the top of the hill and who knows where he would have ended up. Anyway, he needs a new bonnet and he must get busy because the State championships are coming up in September and the National championship in October. Someone approached Peter at an earlier meeting and said if he ever needed body panels then let him know because he had moulds. All Peter knows is that he lives in the hills somewhere. Any information would be appreciated.

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