Sunday, June 13, 2010

More on power steering for Nagaris.

Alan Harmer has power steering on the awesome Nagari coupe he is building. Here are a few shots of the rack, pump and swaybar. The rack is standard for the twin turbo Supra/Soarer front end Alan has used."I have not modified the front end or steering at all as I imagine a bunch of Japanese engineers and possibly a Cray computer spent a lot of time ensuring it did everything just right and didn't suffer the bane of the car modifier's life, bump steer etc." says Alan.
Personally, I'm looking forward to the whole car being completed, so that we can all see what a wonderful Nagari it really is.

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John L said...
Peter Marr sent this link to a long running Torana forum about fitting power steering to a UC Torana. The UC front end is popular among Bolwell builders. Among all this information, if you search hard, you will find a pictorial step by step guide to fitting a Subaru power rack to the UC.