Thursday, June 10, 2010

The many colours of Alan Edwards

The Nagari sports raced by Alan took on a number of colour schemes. Here's a few. Now that I've posted these photos, I should have included the previous Datsun 2000. Oh well, too late.Well, first up the car was white. The bonnet was divided down the middle, red on one side, light blue on the other, same as the Porsches of the era. Come to think of it Mike Finnis adopted that colour scheme for his Porsche after it ceased being the Kodak Porsche.Later it was black, green and yellow.And even later, black, yellow and red (Sound City and Shell).I've got a bit of a handle on where this Nagari came from, or how it evolved, but I don't know where it ended up. Does anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I think it was all white when Ranald MacLurkin raced it. Was it later painted Red? when it had Voxson sponsorship circa 1980.
Uncle Don told me recently that Ranald was only able to get John Latham to do one lap of PI in the newly built car, politely saying it needed a lot more developement.
Ranald undeterred by the warning took to the track to do some serious testing, only to spin on one corner and dropping the fuel tank on the road, not pleasing the Marshalls in the slightest, Ranalds solution, adopted on later Nagaris' by Bolwell was to fit the angle steel bar across the rear of the tank.