Monday, June 28, 2010

A couple of Mark 7s in "Just Cars".

The above car is the ex-John White, ex-Ric Kemp, ex-Graeme Muir, ex-Norm and Pam Helling Mark 7. In the Ric days it was no stranger to SA having done several trips this way, but when Graeme and Bev moved to Aldinga it actually came to live. Graeme did quite a restoration job (as had Ric before him) and at the time fitted a turbo VL (Nissan) and auto. It continued in that form in the hands of Norm and Pam for many years until they traded it in on an E-Type at Collectable Classics and from there it went back to Victoria. It's now back to a red motor, I see (with triple Webers), and a Supra 5-speed.

This is a surprise, Alan only sold it at the beginning of the year. He's now sold the Lotus as well.

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Colin said...

What is it about the Bendigo area? or am I wrong about the phone number. In any case it's good to see a couple of excellent Mk7's available as too often only basket cases or rebuilders available