Thursday, April 5, 2018


Lovely to see Wayne's B9/011 at Beaudesert, the first time I have seen it since it left Kevin's workshop in Woodside.
Here it is with its room-mate B9/004 which didn't make the trip at the last minute due to a malfunction.
Just thinking (yes, I know, unusual for me) we could make quite a showing at Philip Island. There could be these 2, 1,2 or 3 from SA, Ross's is a runner, the other Ross can coax Campbell's out of the shed, Rick can get his finger out and Graham will be there, he was only a late minute scratching this year. Even if there were only half that lot, it would be the greatest gathering of Ikaras in history.


s nic said...

Rick will be there as he confirmed in front of numerous witnesses....yes Rick i will continue to remind you 😆

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stace

s nic said...

A pleasure 😊