Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Elgaram memories.

I see that this blog was some time ago but I just came across it. I am Rex's (much younger) brother in law and I have fond memories riding in the elgaram.....mostly at insane speeds at least that how it felt for a 9 or 10 year old. I remember the lagged exhaust running along the inside passenger floor.......and being fed apple cider at the end of a day at the hill climbs & bloody Minogue and Rex thinking it funny when they stuffed me in the snout with my feet up gain st the radiator and head protruding while Rex drove around the car park. Good memories around a car that I everlasting memories of. I'm so glad that it has apparently survived.

MArk Pendlebury.
Bob and Rex must have been funny buggers.

My own early recollections came in about here......
.......about the time Iain passed it on to Patrick. The bonnet has been mislaid and Iain somehow tracked it down to previous owner, Fred Woolski's cousin but it was a bit short one end.

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