Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kym Ninnes : Can't take a trick.

Poor old Fidini. Left the track at Collingrove due to operator error and managed to find a half a dozen strategically placed rocks, one of which took off the right rear wheel. The wheel flew off down the hill clearing one fence then through another and looked like cleaning up a car or the secretaries office when a brave bystander kicked it into submission. I heard the only damage was to a rear number plate.
Special thanks to the Ambos, the Firies, the recovery personnel, Dave Shaw for loaning his trailer for the recovery and my fellow Clubbies who unloaded and then reloaded the poor old car onto my trailer for the sad journey home. I had only been back racing for two days since being cleared by my hip replacement surgeon and the hip passed the test with flying colours.
What a fabulous group of people. Thanks to everyone involved.
Michael Bishop, can you put this on the Hillclimb page please.

Actually I think it was very lucky it was only the wheel that rolled down the hill. It could have been the whole car with Kym in it. Remember Keith Rilstone in the Nagari?

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