Monday, April 16, 2018

Mk.7 tail lights.

I think it's Eddie and Mike in WA (correct me if I'm wrong) who are a long way down the track with stamping out Toyota Crown tail light housings. Here's what they have achieved so far.
The need for this has come about due to the rarity of these items these days. There are no NOS and try finding items like this in wrecking yards now. They were only on the second generation S40 models (1962 - 1967) and only on the sedans and to top it off, the first S40 sedans had tail lights like this :-
Despite the fact that the S40 was eventually assembled in Port Melbourne, tell me the last time you have seen one. Anyway, be that as it may, the boys are pressing on with solving the scarcity. They will be available either polished or chromed, but with a further $80.00 for chroming, I think the polished units look nice. They are even planning LED fittings which will enhance the luminosity and brightness (both words have slightly different meanings) when the lenses we are purchasing are fitted.
Updates and progress reports will be posted on this site so keep an eye out.


Anonymous said...

The background in photo 1 is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I know a few Mark VII owners who will be very keen to get their hands on these.

John L said...

OK Anonymous, could you let me know some more details at John.