Monday, April 9, 2018

B8/63 - almost but not quite.

Poor Terry Hulm missed taking B8/63 to Easter by a whisker. A death in his mechanic's family meant the last minute jobs didn't eventuate. That couldn't be helped. Here's some photos of the car. It's going to be a beauty Terry.
There's always Phillip Island next year I guess.

This is the ex-Ben Kaplan car and many years ago was owned by Rohan and later by David Thompson, although it was Monza red when David had it.

Terry is one of 6 that we know of that almost made it, the others being :-
          Graham Nichols, Ikara - not road tested
          Garry Warren, Nagari - last minute brake dramas
          Matt Jenkins, Mark 7 - paint job issues
          George May, Nagari - fuel pump problems
          Wayne Schiller, the green Ikara - water pump issues
Still, 22 cars is a fine effort. Apparently the record is 24. If 3 of the above 6 had made it then the record would have been broken. Next year it will be for sure.

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