Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More wooden cars.

In miniature this time.

Take a look at these 1:18 scale carved wooden Bolwells. Vic Garra had a Nagari one made. A few members were so impressed that they got together and had one made for Merryn for her birthday. You will note that these models are not generic, but personalised, with scoops in the right place, ditto for exhaust pipes etc. plus correct rego numbers and mag wheels. Simon had one made of his Mark 7 and he is very happy with his. It cost him less than $400.00.
Craig Jones, in Sunbury, Victoria, makes these models. Check his website www.cjones.net.au
email : camjones1@bigpond.com

I was a bit worried that an open car like an Ikara might be out of the question, but take a look at this..
While on the subject of models of iconic Australian cars,  here's some Ascorts done in resin.
And here's a Buckle Mini Monaco model.
Pete S recently took delivery from Germany, a model of a red Zeta Sports complete with South Australian number plates.

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