Monday, March 5, 2018

Brian's little Noddy.

Well, that's what he calls his 4CV or 750. It's even on his number plate. He bought it at the age of 19 for the amount of his dole cheque which was $102.50 way back then, and he's had it and improved it ever since. I must say that at the same age I contemplated a tiny Renault myself but I ended up satisfying my French interest with a Citroen Light 15 (and French kisses and French letters).

Now about Brian's Mark 7. These are the Simmons 3-piece wheels he runs on the car. I'm sure he sent me this photo to rub it in a bit because he bought the 4 of them for $200.00.
So on a happier note, here's the 3.8 litre Commodore V6 that fits snugly under the bonnet.

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