Saturday, March 3, 2018

A local SHED find.

Pete, our inimitable secretary, discovered this TS1600 powered R8 former rally car in a shed when he bought his vineyard down south.
Rather than shoot it off to Sims metals (which I am sure is the place that all of the Mk.1 Golf engines and gearboxes have disappeared to), he gave it away. A good thing too, the recipient has been beavering away on it, this is an example of his good work.
Just imagine if it turns out like this.

Now, I reckon I know that car, I could be wrong I guess. When Mike Wiltshire was building B8/69 which he had bought as a kit, in a lube bay in a BP servo in the CBD (he could be seen burning the midnight oil most nights), he was doing geology at Adelaide Uni at the time. His get from A to B car, then, (which also doubled as a rally car, racer at Mallala and got him to outback field trips) was an R16 powered R8 that looked just like that.

Not to be outdone, here's Garrie H's latest SHED find.
These little Renault 750s are beauties I reckon.
Occasional club member and Mk.7 owner, Brian Deckert, has one that is pretty hot and fitted with a much bigger Reno engine. That thing does wheel stands.

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