Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tell him he's dreaming.

The ad in my local newspaper said, 'for sale - kit car. No wheels or tires, $500 cash'. Of course, I had to call. The grumpy old codger that answered said he didn't know anything about it except that his sorry, no good brother in law parked it behind his house six years ago and gave him the title in exchange for $500 and he hasn't see that b*****d since and he wants it gone.
So -- I drive all the way to his house and he points to an open shed in the back yard and says 'cash money if you want it'.
As I approached the car I could see that it was something unique, unlike the rotting Avengers, Bradleys and unfinished dune buggies I usually see. As I got closer my heart began to pound. When I stood next to it I broke out in flop sweats.
I almost ran back to the house, banged on the door and struck the deal. He was holding a clean title and my hands were trembling as I wrote out a bill of sale and counted out five one hundred dollars bills and in less than fifteen minutes I officially owned a GENIUNE DeTomaso Mangusta. I almost fainted when the old fart handed me the keys and I was dialing a flatbed tow truck as I hobbled back to my new car on wobbly legs to wait.
Then............................... I woke up.

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