Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nota Fang on Gumtree.

At $12,500.00 it seems reasonably priced to me.

There were 2 Nota Fangs racing in the ProdSports heyday. Well, there were more than that, but 2 regularly. They were pretty quick little units too.


Greg Prosmushkin said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures of this Nota Fang. I think it was 1967 or 1968 Chris Buckingham started to design the Nota Fang. I could be wrong on the year. But the price sounds like a great deal. Thanks again.
Greg Prosmushkin

Normv said...

Both of the original race fangs are now back with their original owners and are being restored back to how they raced in the 70s. Our one will be back on the track soon in Historic racing

Norm Vesty