Sunday, November 26, 2017

What's in a name?

The Kimberley. Out of the same factory, they were Austins in Australia and Morrises in Kiwiland. Maybe the Morris name had a greater following in New Zealand.
Same amount of letters in both. Therefore same amount of holes punched in the bonnet. Even the "I" lines up in the same place.

Back in the day when there wasn't much of a choice of big transverse engines (except for the Muira) I even gave a small amount of thought to checking out the Kimberley/Tasman engine for the Ikara.


Cordy said...

The X6 would have made a good choice for the Ikara .
Many years ago in central Victoria , a Hillman Imp was fitted with such an engine , complete with triple Webers .
It was indecently quick, noisy & reportedly a handful to drive .
It would even pull a wheelie at launch if the intrepid driver so desired !

John L said...

Ah, back to the drawing board then.