Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bolwell racing in South Africa.

This of course is the Nagari that Justin Murphy now owns. In 1991/1992 it was raced in historic events in ZA by Peter Du Toit. Peter later went on to race Chevrons and Lola T70s and in 1995 he sold the car to Brian Tyler who owned Rolo Motors. 1 or 2 years later it was advertised for sale in the UK. Peter had bought the car from Phil Howie who planned to build it up as a project with his son. That didn't eventuate. This Nagari had come to South Africa with another one that was believed to have been in a road accident and was never rebuilt. Phil was an historic racing enthusiast and a major player in that movement over 40 years involving himself in everything from speed record attempts to endurance racing. He was a life member of the Southern Equatorial Ferrari Owners Club. He passed away in 2001. His son, Rob Howie, together with Lee Roy Poulter compete every year in the truck section of the Dakar Rally. The Howies bought the car from Harry Roscoe who still races sports cars to this day in RSA.
So ownership goes something like this   ..................................?
                                                                 Harry Roscoe
                                                                Phil Howie
                                                                Peter Du Toit
                                                                Brian Tyler
                                                               Chris Camp
                                                               Leo Kusters
                                                                Justin Murphy.


Anonymous said...

Now the question I would pose is Who did Harry Roscoe buy it from ? When did it arrive in South Africa? And what is the real chassis number? It’s definitely not B8/42 or B8/46! PeterG

Anonymous said...

From a pic on Bollyblog the Spanish Nagari has chassis plate B8/44. I thought I read somewhere that the Leo Kusters car carried a chassis plate B8/44.1.

Anonymous said...

It had a plate stamped B8 44 71, that was during CC’s ownership, when it was thought to be “THE SA car”, but now we know that is erroneous, as was the B8 42 plate affixed to it during Kusters ownership. There’s more to this story. PeterG