Monday, November 13, 2017

Shed day.

Visits to Greg's and Kym's was a great event and well supported as well. You knew you were at the right place from the cars out the front.

Alan's Torana, Ron's Mk.7 and darren's RX8.
John's Mk.7.
Adrian's Cobra.
Chris' MX5
Pete's Mk.7
Meanwhile inside Greg's conclave, firstly the Corvette....
Then the GT40 which is ready to hit the road as soon as it can run on all 8. Greg's onto the problem though, something the experts couldn't find.
.......and finally the ex-Gourlay  Nagari which has been making huge progress.
Pauline's Jag was still in its dust-proof cocoon.

Now off to Kym's.

Here's the Mk.4A ready for its rebuild after its accident damage.
A brand new bonnet awaits.
The Nc XY GT has just received its rebuilt engine. Kym started it up for us. That brought out the neighbours across the paddock. CAMS decibel police that have emerged since it last raced are going to love it.
Here's a car with a bit of history. It's Helene Bittner's old Rebelle.
In deference to Kym's obsession with huge International trucks, here's a little version in van form.
.....and here's our host slaving over a hot stove.
A very enjoyable day.

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