Saturday, November 25, 2017


TR2s & 3s.
How many remember the Avon aftershave bottles in the shape of a TR?

Fetching a few bob on ebay these days.
Talking about ebay, this model of Moffat's first race car was up around the $1300 mark last time I looked.
I had a TR2 about that time but my dad didn't buy it for me.
Anyway, here's Alan's car in its early days.
And a bit later.
The great Doug Whiteford........
........raced a TR2 in his early days.

(Moomba TT, 1955).
So did Eldred Norman.
He chucked a trailer on the back of this car, loaded with drums of fuel, drove to Queensland, where he won a sports car race which made him eligible to enter the Australian Grand Prix where he and the TR came 5th.

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