Saturday, November 4, 2017

Just been listening to ABC RN

Bolwell: An Aussie sports car

    Campbell Bolwell is a self confessed petrol head and has been building cars since the 1960s. He started in his parent's garage and quickly built a name for his company Bolwell Cars for making fast and sleek sports cars. But government regulation eventually sent his car company to the wall, he never gave up on the dream of an Australian sports car.
    Ten years ago he released the Nagari 300, a sports car made by hand — they only make six of them a year. Using light-weight composite materials and clever design, he is now exporting it to China. He is bucking the trend of Australian manufacturing that is increasingly going offshore to China. Chinese buyers want something that nobody else has and an Australian-made sports car is definitely in that category. Next year, Bolwell will release an updated Nadari 500.
    Guest: Campbell Bolwell, director of Bolwell CarsYou
    You can hear it by going to the ABC web page.


    David said...

    TV or radio?
    Which show and date?

    Anonymous said...

    It was supposed to be on Radio National, last Saturday morning on a show called Blueprint for living, but it wasn’t aired, no podcast posted yet!

    John L said...

    It's coming.

    Anonymous said...

    Bolwell segment was aired on Sat. Nov.11 .
    Interview can be heard on ABC Radio National ,Blueprint For Living,Podcast.Website